Detector not working in OpenFlow

Hello, I’m trying to trigger a robot (workflow) using FileWatcher Detector, the ideia is everytime a invoice is added or updated in a certain folder. The detector is already created in OpenRPA, but when something is detected this message is displayed:

[15:11:23.371][Debug] AMQP exchange is not enabled on this OpenFlow
[15:11:23.364][Information] Detector FaturasDetector was triggered, with id 63c810293603db13fc865c6e

And I cannot get any response on OpenFlow/NodeRED

Can you guys help me?

---- UPDATE -----

@Allan_Zimmermann thanks for your explanation and solution, I just change to “queue” and works, Thanks.
And about the topic, I don’t know what happen. Minutes after created the post I saw the message “This topic was automatically closed…”. If I closed it, I didn’t mean to. :sweat_smile:

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I see you closed the topic, but did not post a solution.
Detectors can work in 2 modes, queue mode or exchange mode.
When an events get triggered it will send a message to either a queue or an exchange. This does not (really) matter if you only have 1 listener/consumer in this case a nodered, but if you have 2 or more it changes a lot.
If you have 2 consumers on a queue and send a message to it, only one of them receives it, so this is good when you want to load balance the load between multiple nodereds. The message will also stay in the queue until it times out, so if there is a small drop out of the nodered it can still pickup the message and process it. How ever, if you want ALL consumers to know something happened you need to use an exchange, when using an exchange everyone listening at the time of the message will receive it. They will how ever not be saved, so you must make sure there is always someone to receive it.
User exchages is by default disabled, but you can enable this by setting “amqp_enabled_exchange” to true, to allow a robot to register an exchange and send messages to it.

So, there are two solutions, use queue mode for your detector, or enable exchanges.
If i was wrong and the problem was something else, please share your solution.

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damn i had forgot to set minutes to days, so the topic was closed 7 minutes after getting opened, by the system, not @kowts . Sorry about that.

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