DataTable Errors (Parameter Not Found)

I’m trying to write some variables I computed using a Python script I wrote in Invoke Code activity.
The variables are getting printed fine in the console output, but can’t seem to add them to a DataTable as a row.

In the screenshot I’m creating a DataTable and writing a dummy value under the column.

The value gets added to the DataTable fine when there is no invoke code activity, but when I include the activity (that has the Python script), I’m getting this error.

Any solutions?

Datatable is not really supported for python+invoke code, so when returning from python the datatable becomes null/nothin.
If you update openrpa to latest pre-release you can map variables, and include he datatable from invoke code

Thank you for the update, Alan.

May you kindly share where to get the latest pre-release piece? Thanks.

Right here

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