Custom domain for openflow and nodered

continuation from previous question

Yes, I installed openflow using npm and have set domain of openflow and nodered to the ip address of the server. (I updated ip address of the server in setting.js file “wsurl”: “ws://...:80/”)

How to connect openflow and nodered so that I can see my workflows in nodered and which node to use ?

Because when I was using ‘’, in nodered I could see my workflows in ‘robot’ node, how can achieve same

Make sure the nodered user has read permission on the workflows ( select the project in openrpa, click permissions and add the nodered user )
and make sure nodered has read permission on the robot user ( open entities, select users collection, edit the user and make sure the nodered user has read and invoke permissions on the robot user )

Thank you @Allan_Zimmermann

Completed the above steps:

how can I see workflow in nodered ‘robot’ node ?

You need to add the nodered user

@Allan_Zimmermann I don’t see nodered user. Am I doing correct way ?

Then give the robot user read access to the nodered user, by following the above guide. But for the robot user instead.

I completed below two steps:

Gave read permission to robot users

The robot user, not “robot users”

hi @Allan_Zimmermann , I’m unable to find ‘robot user’ in openrpa and openflow

You need to stop looking for a user named robot, if you called the users something else

Find the user the robot is running as … Add this user to the nodered user’s ACL
Find the user the nodered is running as … Add this user to the robot user’s ACL
You add a user by going to entities → select users → find the user and click edit → click Access Control List
After this go to the robot and add the nodered user to the project with the workflows.

Okay, understood.
Completed above steps. Please help with next steps ?

Thanks again @Allan_Zimmermann

That is it. if you did that, the robot node can now see the robot user and workflows

Right now, in my I don’t see robot node in nodered. do I need to install this node, if yes what would be the name of this node ?

If you are not using docker, then you need to install nodered using the correct package

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Yes, Got nodered running and I’m able to see my workflows there.

Thank you so much @Allan_Zimmermann for keeping patience at every level.

One final question, since my both openflow and nodered running localhost/Ip address. Is there any possibility my data could get expose outside through openflow or nodered ?

Like you mentioned in your article if we use then openiap people have access to data.

Now is there any chance of that happening in any way ?

Yes, openrpa and openflow will send anomonous telemetry information to me ( usage data like number of runs, used libararies etc ) but you can disable that. Explained here

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Okay, Got it!
Thanks again @Allan_Zimmermann

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