Custom Activities created from scripts

Someone made a Pull Request to OpenRPA that ROCKS !!!

But i think it would be even better if we “tied” that up with the package system we have for agents.
I wold love to hear if others are interreted in a feature like this, and if yes, would you prefere to keep it completly seperate, or do you like the idea of using the exisitng package system for agents to also manage openrpa script activities’s ?

This was my feedback on the PR:

I would prefer the files are kept/synced into OpenFlow, so when you have multiple robots they are always up-to-date AND since it would be centrally stored, you can also easily back it up ( to keep with the idea, that if you backup the mongodb database you have a backup of everything )

Since we already have a system for handling packages inside openflow, and those can be managed from vs code, would it not make more sense to use the packages form agents ?
We could add a new property in the agent properties, to signal that this is an python script that can also be used into openrpa,
And then we move the “activities” array from info.json into package.json in the agent’s package ( suggestion, we could add an “openrpa”: true / “openrpa”: false option to the package.json file in all packages to symbolize this package can be used as part of openrpa )

If you/we do that, then i think it would make sense to remove the summary.json file and simply traverse all folders in {OpenRPA configuration directory}/script-activities/{host} and then inspect the package.json file in each to check for langauge and activities. ( travesing the folders incase openrpa is offline, or use the result of the query to openflow if connected to openflow )

So when the openrpa starts just grab a list of packages that has “openrpa”: true or something like that, and check if you already have it locally, and/or if fileid/_version has changed and then download and unpack.

See PR here, see documentation here :

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann

This feature have really caught my attention. It seems really exciting and a great idea, could potentially make a big impact.
I’m really interested in something like this and the idea of integrating this new feature with the existing agent package system is a smart move. Keeping files synchronized and safe (crucial to data security), as well as make it easier for users to find the script/packages and use them.

One question: Is there a way to mantain this too ideias? Something like online or offline mode for the packages, the user can choose to upload them to open1flow or maintain them in local machine.

All in all, the seamless integration of this new OpenRPA feature with the agent package system seems like a game-changer. I’m eager to see how this progresses and enhances OpenRPA.

My idea was to make it dependant on weather the user has an openflow url or not, but is up to the develop.
My problem is, i dont have time to implement this, so i was only giving feedback/suggestions to the person that made it. I hope will consider implementing it kn the PR. If not, i will deffently still consider merging it, and then implement my suggestions later

Lets see what he says.

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This has been added to the latest pre-release of openrpa.

The people who made, even made documentation on how it works, and example scripts … impressive work, i wish more people made RP’s like that.

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