Creation of Japanese Manual Pages

In order to promote OpenRPA/NodeRed, I would like to create a manual page in Japanese, citing the content of the following URL.
Is there a problem?


Hey. Are you translating everything or specific parts ?
If you want to translate it all, that would be a MASSIVE task, and take a long time. ( and would be very very much appreciated, but I would never ask anyone for that )
If you want to make the most general things aviable maybe you could update this page ? it’s inside the openrpa source code in the docs folder and you find a link to it on the wiki page. ( maybe moving this to the wiki too so anyone can update it would be better )

I will translate everything!
My plan is to create a manual site using WordPress on a new sub domain of my company. (e.g.
It can be unofficial at first, if it turns out to be a good site, I would be happy to make it an official site with a subdomain of (e.g.
I am an engineer for UiPath and Blue Prism, so I believe I can provide a good translation.

You are welcome to create a Japanese translation and host it under your own domain.
Thank you for asking, and thank you for offering to share the result once done.

It is still a work in progress, but this is how we are making it.
I’m allowed to use your logo and images, but let me know if there are any problems with the terms of use.

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Looks good, you have gotten very far already. :+1: