Creating an API using Agents

I am trying to run a REST API using the Flask library for python on an agent so that I can send requests to it in OpenRed. The API would receive a request and then execute code based on that request. Sending back a response. I was able to succesfully run the code on the agent. But I am unable to access my http server. I was wondering how I could access the flask server.

If you are using my openflow at
Then you can set a checkmark in “webserver” then you can access your agent by [slug] and you webserver inside the agent must listen on port 3000

If you are using a self hosted openflow, then you can add a custom agent definition and set the port to what ever you want ( if using port 3000 is a problem for you ) this way you can also add custom PVC for storage when running on kubernetes ( but not on docker (sorry :expressionless: ) )

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