Count chrome tabs

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,

CAn we have any activity to count chrome tabs ?

use “Get Tab” and use “results” property

is it in new version ?

@Allan_Zimmermann , i am not able to find the activity in the activity panel.


please check not able to see in my version (

Try to update openRPA this should fix the issue

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i caanot update it, because it is installed on linux server with older docker , I have to setup everything if I do that . please find me another solution @Allan_Zimmermann.

you need to update OpenRPA not Openflow

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latest version of openrpa setup does not supported by older version of docker. that is tested already.

Then you need to update openflow, so you can update openrpa.

how can i updated openflow in latest version through docker , what changes in docker I have to made. please guide me here . because there so much have been changed in that also.

@Allan_Zimmermann please reply it’s urgent

backup the mongodb database ( see ) and make a copy of your original docker file.

Look at docker-compose.yml or docker-compose-letsencrypt.yml depending on what you already have, and ensure you have the same environment variables as those.

Once it can start and works and you can login, then start updating the mongodb setup to use replicate sets. openflow requires mongodb is running in a replicateset to use change streams.

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