Could not take selector on sap

@Allan_Zimmermann i have downloaded latest openRPA. trying to work on SAP but could not take selector, at bottom SAP is showing online(-1). could you help me on this please

you need to enable gui scripting ( must be installed using the SAP installer AND be enabled on the server )
Then in sap open RZ11
and set sapgui/user_scripting to TRUE

But not take selector for next page @Allan_Zimmermann

But i can take for login page @Allan_Zimmermann

Does the status line say it can see sap ?
And what is the value of sapgui/user_scripting ?

Yes @Allan_Zimmermann its showing online on login page. when i move next page its showing offilne.

Then most likely you need to enable it on the sap server.

You can access the login page in SAP desktop application but to enable interaction inside you need to enable GUI scripting
Here is link for usefull document :Enabling SAP GUI Scripting


Thanks @yashshah will check

I just had a look.
Turns out “sapgui/user_scripting_per_user” was set to TRUE, meaning scripting has to be enabed per user.
Setting “sapgui/user_scripting_per_user” back to FALSE could be a fix, or enabling scripting on the user profile ( not sure how to do that )


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