Config parameters for Hd Robots

what is the meaning of config parameters for Hd Robots

  • Windowsusername and windowslogin are the username used when login using rpd, and when rd.service is impersonating the user to inject the openrpa process into the desktop. ( sometimes those need different formats, but normaly they are the sane )
  • computername and computerfqdn is the unique key used by openrpa.rdservice to find clients it needs to manage
  • openrpapath is the process openrpa.rd service will monitor for and inject into the desktop for the user.
  • rdpretry is how long it will wait between each failed attemp to login
  • enabled tells openrps.service if it should try to login the user
  • autosignout tells openrpa.rd service if it should disconnect from session or signout the user, when you change enabled to false
  • connectionhost is unsupported! It tells openrpa.rdservice to connect to a different rdp server than localhost. When using this, it CANNOT start openrpa by it self, so openrpa must already running or added to “start menu” → “start”

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