Child session - nodered workflow never ends

Please, if someone know solution for this.
I have OpenRPA workflow with InvokeOpenFlow element, where I try to run nodered workflow.
If I play workflow in child session it never ends, state remains “running”.
If I play it normaly, everything is ok, status is “completed” in the end.

I have try with different nodes between workflow in and workflow out nodes.
In nodered debuger, state is “completed” after workflow out node, but in OpenRPA it remains “running”.

And of course, my openrpa workflow stops here and keep waiting for status to complete which is problem.

Is it even possible to use nodered workflows in child session?

Child session is only meant for local workflows
So OpenRPA running in a child session wil not listen for messages from openflow, and will therefore not receive a reply from NodeRED.
You must run the part that calls nodereed from the “main” robot ( i cannot remember if you can call i child session robot from a workflow, but you can from powershell ( and you can do that from Invoke Code )

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