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I have flow call robot run a workflow from node-red. I want to send warning if my bot disconnected with my server. How to do this?

That is not possible right now.
I can think of a hack/ work around on how to do that using grafana, but that requires a premium license, so the short answer is, that is not possible.
I recemond you use workitem’s to keep track on things, then you can easily filter out workitems that is in state “processing” to long, then those are most likely robots that has lost connection or crashed.

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Can I automate get the status of the workitem or I need to manually check?

And I see that the node robot receives the value of ‘msg.expiration’ as a timeout. Could you provide me with an example that uses this parameter?

when you ask a robot to run a workflow, it does so by sending a message to a message queue.
this message will expire at some point and return a timeout error, if no robot picked up and accepted the message. ( you cannot always override this, it’s controlled by the queue, and first one to request a timeout win’s, but most of the time, if the queue is empty you can defined the timeout using msg.expire )

Which type of value can be assigned to the variable ’ msg.expire’? It would be wonderful if you could provide me with a specific example?

It’s a number, in miliseconds

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