Changing a Workflow from IE to EDGE

Is there an easy method that I can do like replace an specific thing from the xaml of the workflow to change a workflow that is working from IE to Microsoft Edge?

No. Get element for IE uses a different type of selectors than nm. ( unless you enabled xpath for ie )

So if I didn’t enable xpath for ie only thing I can do is make the workflow again.

Yes, that is correct

IE_to_Edge.xaml (194.5 KB)
ı have used xpath on the most of the workflow. Could you please suggest me an easy method that I can do ?

create a workflow with one get element using chrome.
Then look at the xaml and compare with your existing workflow

So create a copy of your original workflows. add one get element from nm, so you have all references in the new workflow.
Look in the xaml and compare a get element for ie with a get element for nm.
in the top of the xaml you will find all the namespaces and a xml ns matching each, this is the used in the xaml to specify what namespace the object is from
Workflow foundation does not allow “unknown” properties, so if there are properties on any of the ie get elements that does not match the one on nm, you will need to remove those

you can compare the allowed properties between the two types, in the source code here

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