Can't able to download the Uipath.DoocumentUnderstaing.Activities

UiPath activities are not supported in openRPA. Because Uipath and OpenRpa using same workflow engine you can see some similarities but Many Uipath packages are there which have dependency on Core Uipath activities which will not supported in OpenRPA

Okay Thanks for ur replay.
is this Document Understanding activities able to use in the OpenRPA

No. Any package which have dependecy on Uipath class will not be supported

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From where u download the package in openRPA

I use Open Package Manager But I can’t even download the one package

AND I have one more big question Why Openrpa Close whenever I go to other Another tab or minimize the OpenRpa Too

The image is from Uipath, and I do not recommend installing Uipath packages in OpenRPA because they can cause it to crash. I will recommend to keep OpenRPA as clean as possible and only use NuGet packages if you are not able to find any solution and using NuGet package is last solution

Spot on, thank you @yashshah :+1:

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Okay Bro
May I know where you download the package’s in OPENRPA

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