Can we use OpenFlow in Kubernetes without Premium license?

I am confused from what I have seen in the Cost website.Pricing - OPENIAP

NodeRed (agents) doesn’t work without the license in Kubernetes (Read a post in this page)

So, to deploy it on kubernetes do we need premium license or basic will be enough.
or can we deploy it but without nodered?

Node-RED is opensource and free. ( and is not made by me, but OpenJS Foundation )
You can start Node-RED using an agent.
You can start agents on any computer running linux/macos or linux either on the desktop using the assistent or as a deamon or start it as a docker instance on docker or as a deployment inside kubernetes.
The last one, requires a license ( the agent provider for kubernetes has not been made open source everything else is )
So if you want to run this on premise or in your own cloud, you need

  • docker if you want to run pure open source and without a license.
  • you need a premium license to deploy it on kubernetes or openshift. ( you can deploy it, but you cannot start any agents )
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