Can we start and stop workflows using http request from postman?

Hi Allan ,
I want to start /stop my workflow using a post request from the postman . Can you guide me how can I achieve that . Iam very new to this .


Well … kind of …
to run a workflow you have a ton of options

but to stop it, not much, if any at all.
you can run a workflow with the option to kill the workflow if it’s already running, but if you intent is to stop the workflow no matter what you have 2 options

  1. you could add a “stop” argument to your workflow, and if that is set “do nothing”. Then when you need to kill it, invoke the workflow with this argument set to true, and with kill if running set to true
  2. if you want to kill all running workflows, you can create an empty workflow and then invoke it, with “kill all running” enabled. this will only work if you enable “kill all” in the settings.json file on the robot.

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