Can we export workflow or small part of code as a snippet?

Can we export workflow or small part of code as a snippet?

No. But you can copy between workflows even across aplications ( like uipath )
What is the use case? I think it would be relatively easy to implememt.

Yes, but workflows just take arguments as values. but if we need some common logic that we are reusing across multiple projects, like: check if an element exists, create a folder, open the application if it is not opened, and add a delay with a default value. those are much easier to us as snippets instead of invoking workflows

So there are two ways to think of this.

  1. we could call snippets. you copy a workflow from somewhere, and if that “somwhere” is ever update all you copies are not affected
  2. we could call this a re-usable workflow. Multiple workflows can call this, but if it is updated, it affect everyone calling it

so for case 1, you can create using dll’s and the snippets interface
That is going to be a hazzle to update since you would most likely publish this as a nuget packages … I did play around with the idea of having snippets in the database, but never got any demand for it, so never got around to adding it … I don’t think it will be hard to implement, but i don’t really have a lot of time for it. Maybe @tvi would be interested ? :smiley:

for case 2, this already exists, you could simply create a “shared” project. Invoke OpenRPA doesn’t care if a workflow is in a different project, so you can call any workflow the client has access too

I have another idea. Since the history of a workflow (previous versions) are stored in the database, perhaps it could be possible to add an option to the invoke workflow activity where you specify whether you want to call the latest or a specific version of a workflow. In that way you can update a workflow without risking to break other workflows that depends on it.

So that gives you a snippet like (in the sense that a workflow can be fixed) functionality, while also allowing you to use invoke workflow exactly as it works today, when specifying that the latest should be used.

Actually main thing is that invoking code dost help at these places because in snippet awe need it for where logic is getting repeated. EX: CHECK IF ELEMENT EXIST here passing selector as argument is not good.
But yes if we can put snippet i. The database than it will be much easier to handle

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