Can any One Suggest me a Simple use case in OpenRPA

I want to do a simple OpenRPA Project Is always a hit.

Hi Mrng @Allan_Zimmermann
I saw this invoice Extraction Demo
But I can’t get what your doing in the Invoke code
Can you plz share your Workflow(Invoice Extraction)

Can you tell me at white time in the video you see that ? i just trid quickly browsing though and don’t see an invoke code anywhere.

Sorry I don’t have those workflows anymore, it’s been a long time since that video was created and it was before i tried keeping the good examples on github GitHub - open-rpa/examples-files

Hello @Allan_Zimmermann
I need to Now one thing
How to do Invoice extraction Without using regex and Get element

In NodeRed you can easily integrate to most 3rd party document processing solutions, like Google Document AI, Abby, AWS Textract etc. if you do not want to use openflow for that, I only offer the example activities written for but those are unsupported by me, I made them as an example for others that wanted to implement similar activities.

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