Build from source: No agentdriver is loaded

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann
I’m trying to run OpenFlow locally by referring build from source | openflow
but getting error “No agentdriver is loaded” while creating agent/node-red

Please guide.

Yes, it requires docker

maybe i should be more details.
Starting agent’s, requires a place to run them. OpenFlow is designed to start instances when running on docker or kubernetes. This is implemented using common interfaces, so in teoriy you could create an agent driver that would install the nodeagent and start instance inside that. but I currently only supply code for automating running instance inside docker (and with a premium license, kubernetes )

So in dev, you install docker on your machine, the docker driver will detect docker and spin up agents on your local docker, ( but they will NOT WORK since they cannot connect to an api node running on your host machine )
So for agents to work, you need to run the api code inside docker ( there is an example in the code base on how to do that using devcontainer ( rename .devcontainer.old with devcontainer plugin installed in vs.code ) but I don’t like working with that, so that is unsupported by me, but should work, if you so desire.

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