Bug:Slow bot execution while running bot from Node red

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann
I am facing a strange behavior. When I ran the bot directly from studio its runs very fast and it takes very very less time to complete one record(less than 1 sec). how ever when I ran bot from node red it take 6-7 secs for each record. Is this expected behavior? it yes how to make it more faster? we have 10000+ rows every day to process it take lot of time to process.
When I ran from the studio it takes 0.4 sec:

When I ran from Node red it takes 4 secs:

Hi All can please anyone help on this. our production deployment is getting delayed because of this issue

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann If possible could you please help me out over here? Please Let me know if you need any information so that you can check/debug/Replicate issue.

you need to give something that I can replicate.
what activities must be in the workflow for this to happen ?
try with a blank workflow and start adding stuff from the workflow that is slow, to see when it starts happening.

If you want I can give access to my system using team viewer. Or I will share code from my system to replicate in your system

@Allan_Zimmermann I just ran same bot on different system seems like it is running fine from studio and from Nodered its is same time. not sure how you can replicate your system? and why it is happening only on specific system. should I re install openRPA?

what is happening between the two writelines that has a 2 second delay ?
something there be interacting with something that is different on your system
No, i don’t think reinstalling openrpa will not do anything.

There are 2 systems let say A and B.
And I can run same code in both system with 2 ways from studio and from Nodered.
That mean now we have 4 ways to run same code

  1. In System A from Studio
  2. In System A from Node Red
  3. In System B from Studio
  4. In System B from Node Red
    When I ran for scenario 4(In System B from Node Red) the bot ran very slow each transaction takes 4 seconds. Bot code is build on state machine framework and when it moves from one state to other state it takes 1-2 seconds when I ran from node red in system B. Everything works fine for scenario , one, two and three and each transaction takes. 0.4 seconds. So I am not sure how can I replicate this issue in other system and why it ran very slow

look at what happens between the two writelines, something in there is talking to something that is different.
try adding more writelines or enable activity logging to narrow down what activity is doing something differently.

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