Browser Dropdown

HI everyone,

I am looking for a solution to get all values from a dropdown list and select one by one values in that dropdown.

The dropdown value will disappear when unfocusing. therefore, I cannot find the XPath value of these dropdown values. can anyone help find the selector of a dropdown value?


In this case, open the inspect menu by pressing F12 in Chrome, then press ctrl+shift+c, which will let you select an element. Once you select the value from the drop-down menu, the HTML tag for that element will be highlighted in the inspect menu. Right-click on that html tag and click on copy XPath.

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thank yashashah ,
i have tried that, however the Xpath from that method does not work with openRPA. i just need to select the value in the dropdown.

Have you fetched the xpath of element you want to select??

Make sure the element is visible ( dropdown is open ) and maybe add a little seach time by setting timeout to 00:00:03