Browser Clicking Issue

Hello @Allan_Zimmermann i am facing issue with browser automation, i have selected an element in the browser and kept a click element in the flow. it is clicking the element properly only sometimes and it failing to click the selected element instead of that it is clicking other element.

Can you help me to resolve this issue

This may be because you are selecting the correct Xpath or because your Xpath is dynamic and keeps changing.

No X-path is not dynamic

Hello @Allan_Zimmermann can i have some suggestion from you

No, i don’t have any suggestions. Without a simple workflow example showing the issue, i have no good guess on why your having issues.
My best guess is your web page is taking different amount of time to properly load, so only when the web page is loaded and rendered fast enough it work ( or the opposite depending on the case ) … so you could try adding a delay before getting the element

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