Black Screen on unattened bot

I have one VPS running windows 10 pro and I am trying to run a unattended bot on that. Here is my setup :I have installed Hd robots service and configured Hd robot also in OpenFlow

but I am not executing “Openrpa.service” command because multiple use login is not possible.

When I run bot from node red after disconnecting bot works for 20-30 mins when next run is scheduled after run it fails. when I check recording of the failed execution I just see a black screen.

Is the setup is incorrect? if yes how can we setup unattended bot on VPS running normal windows (not windows server)

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann . If possible could please help to fix this.
Thank you

I don’t understand what you mean by
I am not executing “Openrpa.service” command
If you are not running that, then you are not running hd robots, then I don’t understand the question ?
I know, you know, that screensavers, locked screens and disconnected RDP session, will break RPA :slight_smile: … so you need to disable any screensaver or energy settings that could interfere with that, if you do not want to use hd robots/rdservice