Avoid a adding new user in the login page after the first login

I understand the first login in OpenFlow will create an admin user with the proportioned credentials.

After the first login, every time I type a new user with a password I am able to login into OpenFlow and I would like to avoid that behavior.


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Hi @Evelio87

Check @Allan_Zimmermann response about this question by changing the .yaml file config.


Awesome, thank you so much for your help and quick response.

If we disable the auto_create_users can we still login the first time (admin user), or we should set it after we create the first login credentials?


No problem… here to help and learn.

Better create your admin user and them set auto_create_users to false.
In my case, that’s what I done.

Thanks @kowts. I much appreciate it! I will that way.


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