Automation on linux server

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann
I want to create a automation process using openrpa where we will have to access the linux server and run some commands on it. I know it is
possible in openrpa but how can we achieve this. i did a lot of R&d on it but we couldn’t find any appropriate solution. In the end we reached out
to you, now please help us to create this intresting use case scenario. Thanks in advance. I am waiting for your response

follow this guide to learn how to work with agents

@Allan_Zimmermann i already read this but couldn’t understand this. Can you please elaborate on this. it would be really helpful

please be more specific … what is it you want an answer too ?
I’m not going to create a whole new guide, to answer such an open ended question.
Did you get an error ? is something unclear, how far did you get, where did you have issues ?
If you already followed the guide, then you already know how to run agents on linux

@Allan_Zimmermann I dont want to run the agents on linux server. i want to perform automation on windows and linux in a single flow

So in order to run something on either windows or linux, you need some software that can receive commands and run them.
On windows we can remotely connect using SMB or WS-Man if you want to use built in tools, or one of the many 3rd party tools. For openflow, that tool is OpenRPA.
On linux, the “go to” solution is SSH, but could also be 3rd party solutions like ansible, Puppet. For openflow, that tool is “agents”.

When splitting up a process in openflow, we use workitem queues, to keep track on where in the process we are, and if we were successful. Each workitem queue is then handled by openrpa, nodered or agent’s.
You don’t have to, you are free to implement your own state, to keep track on where you are, and what needs to be done.

There is no “magic” thing (that i know of), that without you putting in some effort can make a single workflow run across 2 different operating systems.

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