Automation In Citrix

How can I automate a process in Citrix? because if I try to take an element it won’t let me take it

How did you install OpenRPA on the citrix server ?
or you using full desktop or seamless windows ?
Or are you trying to automate using image recognition on the citrix client ?

I am using full desktop, however when I try to use the “get element” option it does not recognize any elements

you really need to give more information, i cannot guess everything …
Try answering my questions

I don’t understand your questions very well, I don’t have openrpa installed within citrix, I am using the citrix application “citrix workspace”

Ok, so that means you are using image recognition.
That is highly discouraged since it will be very sensitive to changes in either environments, but if you have no other options, then yes, it can be done.
What do you mean it does not find any elements ? how big a picture of of the screen did you take ? is the part on the image visible on the screen what you say it cannot find any element ? it’s important to use minimize in OpenRPA when working with image recognition since it depend on screenshots to work, so must be visible to work.

Yes, I was using image recognition, but I had not thought about that problem that you told me about, is there a way to automate processes in Citrix without using image recognition

You can install openrpa on the citrix server. ( makes most sense if doing assisted robotics. If this is suppose to run unattended then HD robots is most likely a better solution )

How I can install OpenRPA on citrix?
Do you have any documentation on that?

You just run the msi installer as you would on any other client.
Keep in mind, it needs to be installed on all servere the desktop is published to.

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