Automating Child Session Launch in OpenRPA Workflow

Dear Community,

I’m reaching out for assistance with automating the launch of a child session in OpenRPA without the need for manual intervention from the main window. Currently, when we execute the workflow, we are required to click on the PIP (Picture-in-Picture) mode option. However, our goal is to have the workflow automatically open in PIP mode when executed via a batch file or command scheduled for automatic execution. This would eliminate the need to manually open PIP from the workflow options every time.

If anyone has any insights or solutions on how to achieve this, I would greatly appreciate your input.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Vinod Kumar

Currently that is not possible. ( it could be added thou )

Child Sessions was designed to be something a user, uses to allow them to also work at the computer while the robot is running.
What you are describing sounds more like, something that would be better suited to be handled by HD robots ?

Hi Allan, thank you for your reply. We are wondering if there is an option to automatically open the Automation workflow in a PIP (Picture-in-Picture) window and run it when initiated through a command or scheduled task, especially when the user is working on the same machine. If you have any solution links, please share them.

there is nothing that can auto star ChildSessions right now.
But once it is running, you can execute workflows inside it, from powershell using the -childsession attribute

You can see how to work with powershell here

Thank you for your reply! Just to confirm, if we implement the solution you suggested, can we run the workflow in PIP mode without manually clicking on the PIP option? We are aware of running the workflow through commands or task scheduler, but we are facing issues with PIP not working when running the workflow automatically.

No. There is currently no way to automate starting a Child Session.
But once is is running (and OpenRPA has successfully started inside it ) you can start processes inside it, either by selecting a workflow and clicking play in OpenRPA, or using powershell by adding the -childsession attribute.

Hi Allan,

I have another query regarding our workflow. When we run the workflow in a looping condition, OpenRPA gets stuck after some time, and we need to kill the process and start again.

It seems to be a memory hanging issue when the process is running in a loop. Do you have any solutions for resolving this memory hanging issue?

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