【AutoHotkey Issue】Regarding the mouse click position

[AutoHotkey Issue] Regarding the mouse click position, when executing the AutoHotKey script separately, the clicked position is correct. However, when I place the script inside OpenRPA for execution, the clicked position becomes incorrect.
Does anyone know why?

The picture below is my script code:

That sounds weird.
edit: damn it, didn’t see you where the one posting :grinning: sorry …

That is indeeded weird … Do you have multiple monitors ?

Without multiple monitors, I also reinstalled Autohotkey v1 and v2 for testing. Finally, the script cannot click on the correct position when executed within OpenRPA.

OpenRPA Version: 1.4.54
Windows Version: Windows 10 Pro 22H2 (Chinese)

I’m not a autohotkey user my self.
Maybe @mmars who has extensive experience with it, can help ? Either confirming this is an OpenRPA issue, or give some hints on what might be wrong.

Record video
1218.mp4 - Google 云端硬盘

Hi Allen, I tried replying earlier but the server was down. But What I would try with the mouse clicks is try sending a right click to see exactly where is the mouse clicking and I would like to ask if you are using a virtual machine. What I noticed is that on virtual machines the coordinates do not match but they still work with a minor adjustment

Hi Allan,

I know where the problem is, I need to click on a blank area of the screen first, and then execute the OpenRPA code for it to work properly.

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