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Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,

I’m currently exploring Surface/UI automation with OpenRPA and have been experiencing a 1 in 5 success rate when executing the automation. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in stabilizing the automation process.

Here’s a brief description of the issue:

  1. I’m launching the website and checking for the presence of the password field. If it’s present, I’m logging that the server is up, otherwise, I’m capturing a screenshot.

  2. While I have been able to consistently highlight elements, in most cases, the selector fails, resulting in the error message “Failed to locate item” from the “get element” activity.

  3. I have even kept three retry action by closing the browser tab.

For you reference,

I would greatly appreciate your assistance with this matter.

Thank you,


If the playback sometimes fails and sometimes succeeds, try to find a difference in Xpath between the two. If there is a difference you can try the second one in case the first failed.
I can’t see from the screenshot what value for timeout you use (wait for ready). 3 seconds is the default.

Alternatively you could call a browser refresh if the item can’t be found and then try again.
Add Execute script node with:
Make sure you wait for the page to finish reloading before trying again…

Finally, if I start the linkedin page, the password field is found with: //*[@id='session_password']

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