Assistance Needed - Implement SSO Authentication (On-Premise)

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann and Team,

Currently I’m exploring OpenRPA to understand its potential capabilities and it’s features. I would like to know that,

  1. does OpenRPA/ OpenFlow orchestrator has APIs for authentication and accessing components in the OpenFlow orchestrator in OnPremise version (docker installed)
  2. Can we implement SSO(e.g., OKTA ) for OpenFlow / OpenRPA Orchestrator in OnPremise version (docker installed)

Your kind advise or any related documents would be really helps.

Thanks in Advance.

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Yes, you can add SAML, Oauth or OpenID connected under “providers” in the menu, when logged in as admin

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Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,

Thanks for the quick response.

Out of curiosity I just want to understand about the ADMIN Tab, I’ve installed docker version of On-Premise OpenFlow, I’m not Seeing Admin Tab over here, Does this required license version of OpenRPA.

Your prompt response would really appreciated.


there is no admin tab, but depending on your role members ships you will see less or more items in the menu

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Thanks for the insights shared. however It would be great If you could assist in enabling Admin role for the user.

I’m attaching the screenshot below for your reference,

  1. This is the page where I can create a ROLES( Would there be possible to create a custom Admin Role here If so what are all the parameters I need to enable or provide here, since I’m very new to this platform I would like to understand the roles configuration)

  2. There is no default admin role available in this role tab,

  3. Due to this I’m unable to create this OAuth and many of the features in OpenFlow Instance

Please Assist me If I’m on a different track

Thanks in Advanced

You cannot “create” an admin role and become admin … if anyone could make them self admin, it would be a massive security issue.
You need to login with a user that is already a member for the admins role

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Thanks for the clarification @Allan_Zimmermann .

Let’s consider I’m newly installed docker version in linux and accessing the OpenFlow from windows server. As a new user I don’t have credentials to this platforms, However as per your documentation mentioned the user will auto-create in On-Prem version, By following this I didn’t get ADMIN Role,

According to my understanding in terms of newly deployed/configured OpenFlow OnPrem version on my own, Would there be possibilities that my new instance has already a User with admin role. If so, your prompt assistance would be really helpful.

Thanks in Advance.

You can always call normal-stop, then remove-data and then normal-up
to delete all data and start over
Or you can find a way to look inside the users collection in mongodb and see what user you created first, that has the admin role.

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Thanks for your patience in responding to all my queries.

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