Assistance Needed for On-Prem OpenFlow Setup

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann and Team,

I am currently doing research and development on OpenRPA, exploring its potential feasibility. To set up OpenFlow on a Linux CLI, I referred to this documentation (“GitHub - open-rpa/docker”). By following the instructions, I’m unable to access the URL (Localhost) on the machine(Windows) where I accessed the Linux CLI.

Next, I watched a video that was attached in the same documentation, demonstrating the configuration of the domain and DNS. In the video, @Allan_Zimmermann accessed the docker-compose-traefik.yml file to configure the domain by replacing “localhost.” However, I am unable to find this file in the GitHub repository linked.

Any help or guidance on locating the file or install on premise version of openflow instance would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks in advance.

Localhost means so you can only use it from the local machine .

That is an error in the docs. That is true for all docker files, since they all use traefik now ( and docker-compose-traefik.yml is called docker-compose.yml )

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Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,

Thanks for your clarification.

I have a another question on this, I have installed this OpenFlow instance in Linux - Ubuntu - Machine ( CLI ). would it be possible to configure the domain or DNS (localhost to to access the URL( on the other system connected in the same network.

Expecting your assistance on this.


as already explained on the docker repo.
If you want to access it, from something else that localhost, you need to update the docker compose file you used, and also setup dns as explained under Using custom domain names on GitHub - open-rpa/docker

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if you want to access it in local network than you can modify hosts file(for windows you can find it in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) like this

@Allan_Zimmermann, Thanks for your help and clarification.

@yashshah, Thanks for your help and clarification.

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