Assign is not updating one input value in the html

I am trying to change the input value for Exp Year field and I cannot make it work. I select its element correctly and display its current value, but when I try to assign a new value it doesn’t work.

Any idea about what is happening?
Thank you all!

    "Selector": "NM",
    "browser": "chrome",
    "frame": "-1",
    "url": "hidden..."
    "cssselector": "input[name=\"expYear\"]"


  • Is working property for Exp Month field, only isn’t working for Exp Year, this is why is getting me crazy :upside_down_face:.
  • The website has been developed in react.

Test Year Expiration.json (27.0 KB)

Seems like the issue is related in someway to the current way the component has been implemented in react.

I solved it automating the dropdown selection:

  1. Getting the dropdown element and clicking over.
  2. Selecting the option in the list (li element) where the year is equal to the one we are looking for and clicking on it.

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