Apis in nodered and response in openrpa

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann i running my flow in the openrpa. The issue that i am facing is when i am running my flow there are some api’s hitting on nodered which are showing the response in the nodered but i am unable to see the response in my openrpa, plus the bot is not even stopping or giving any error, just went to the ideal mode doing nothing. And when i am running the same code on my production server the bot is working fine. But when I am running the same code in the local after the api hit in nodered the bot is just goes to ideal mode. Issue is sometimes it works fine on local as well and sometimes, Just running endlessly doing nothing.
Can you give some your thoughts or ideas on this issue. Thanks

Are you running 2 or more robots with the same username ?
If yes, that is your problem.

@Allan_Zimmermann no. this is not the issue. wehave botuser on server and sunil in our local system. when i try to do this with sunil its not working

could be a permission issue. ( it should not be, but let’s try to rule out the possibility )
Try giving the nodered user, read and invoke permission on the sunil user

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