API to relaunch the HD Robots


I’ve got some HD Robots, sometimes they seems to lose focus, or have a strange behavior. I have to disable the robot and to reenable it manually to launch again the rdp session.
Can we use an API to do the same (in order to automate this part?)



Not an api per say, but yes.
the hd robot interface is simply showing {“_type”: “unattendedclient”} from the openrpa collection, so you can just update that. ( you can do that from openrpa, from powershell, from nodered, from nodejs, python and c# or using the openapi interface if enabled )
the rd service works by adding a watch on all unattendedclient and unattendedserver objects, so once you update it, the watch envent will trigger the rd service.

Hello Allan, thanks for the answer. I’ve used the nodered to check my errors and to restart the hd robots. :ok_hand:

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