Any way to specify multiple file extensions as filter for file watchers?

Hello … Any way to specify multiple file extensions as filters for file watchers? Massive thanks in advance …

No, sorry.
But you get the filename in the wach event, so you could watch all file types and then check with an if statement when you get the event.
If there is a lot of activity, and you prefer only specific activities, you could create multiple watches and then use a parallel activity to wait for all events ( keep in mind, if a file is updated while the workflow is processing a file and not waiting on events it will be lost, so always try and keep your processing in separate workflows. use work items or invoke openrpa without wait, to ensure you get back to listening fast, if you expect many events close to eachother. )

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Massive thanks for the advice, enjoying OpenRPA everyday since 3 days ago :slight_smile: … What I did was not indicate the file type in the detector, but in an invoke code (C#.Net script), I specified the filtering …

I am yet to read and learn about work items … :wink:

Thank you.
I can recommend you look at this link and see the embedded videos.
A few things has changed or looks a little different but it will give you a good foundation about work items.

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Will surely give time for this new learning … :wink: … many thanks and cheers!

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