Angular and OpenRpa

Hi to All ,

Does OpenRpa support website developped in Angular.

I tried a basic workflow for login which did not succeed for security reasons.

yes, you can developer websites in angular that talks to openflow.

What do you mean by basic workflow ? When i see angular i think of a frontend framework, like react, vue, svelte etc … but when you the write basic workflow i get the feeling you don’t mean that … could you maybe explain more and show the error you are getting ?

Hello ,

I tried this login workflow

The workflow completed successfully


But in chrome I get this error




I think the security layer of angular was blocked the execution of bot (OpenRpa)

ah, my mistake. And you did write that super clearly with “Does OpenRpa support website developped in Angular.” … i have no idea what i did not read it properly. Sorry.

i doubt those browser errors are related to openrpa. I believe it’s more likely those are part of a check to see if the user is signed in, and since a request returned 401 chrome shows it in the log.
If the login does not work, maybe the website is depending on the text being typed corrcly into the fields? In that case you can try using item.SendText to see if that works better and if not, then you have to create a much more complex workflow using typetext where you are responsible for changing text fields and waiting for keyboard to finish typing.

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