Add Work item in queue

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann , I am trying to add a queue item from node-red, but i am getting queue is not available error, but i have the created the queue in openflow.
Is there anyway to fix it

check permissions on the workitem queue
( it’s added as _type: workitemqueue inside the mq collection )
The user nodered is running as, need permissions to the queue

in the mq collection it is displayed as below

it has all the permissions and nodered is also running as admin, from openrpa it is adding and updating using activity

Sorry for last post (now deleted), i was wrong.

  • Please check from openflow, … if you are editing the database and by passing the api, i will not support it …
  • Please make sure you did not use any special characters or space in the queue name.Keep in mind name is case sensitive. Or use wiqid.

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