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Hi @Allan_Zimmermann
I want to add JSON data in the queue by add workitem . This JSON data is in excel file .i used read range to get the JSON data ,when I writeline this JSON it gives me proper JSON syntex in openRPA but when i add it to the queue it gives me data with "" for every key and value .like:- {
“QueueData”: "{"store_id": "23344", "request_id": "asdf234"}. I want this data to add in proper JSON like this :- {
“store_id”: “23344”,
“request_id”: “asdf234”} . i have already used python script using json.loads but it is not working. please suggest me how to do it .

Workitem has some parameters, one of which is payload. It contains exactly the message you want to convey. Those, you need to transfer all the keys from JSON to the keys in the payload.

I had a task where I needed to take a specific number from an email message and transfer it to OpenRPA. To do this, I just use the workitem queue. I added elements to the queue using Node-RED like this:

If you add a workitem through OpenRPA, then you can probably write the key values from JSON into variables and map them in the appropriate step

Please correct me if I’m wrong about anything

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@Velinkton your example is correct, but I honestly don’t quite understand what @navjo’s issue is. A piece of the code or workflow would have helped giving a better response.

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