Add data to datatable through invoke code

How to add data to datatable through invoke code? If anybody knows pls help me find out

InvokeCode doesn’t play nice with DataTables as the serialization gets pretty wacky.

If you need “proper code” to work with your data tables, I’d personally recommend creating a custom activity instead.

There are many guides on that out there.
Like this one, on stackoverflow.

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@AndrewK only if using autohotkey, powershell or python. With VB and C# there is no serialization, so is perfectly fine to do with those two.

That’s interesting.
I remember in early testing I was trying to do it with C# and was having issues with it. Don’t have that workflow though anymore (reworked), I must’ve hit some weird edge case or just had a different bug that lead to a wrong conclusion.

Just tested right now and seems to be working fine, so TIL I think.

maybe you were thinking of Invoke OpenRPA ?
That will serialize, and is painful when working with huge datatables

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