Accessing other user workflows/Agent?

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann
When accessing the “Robot Workflows” menu in openflow online:, I can access and run workflows that were not developed by me and I can see a agent called “Grafana” created by you.
Below you can see examples:

Thank you for letting me know.
In reverse.
Yes, I still want people to have access on reports on and not everyone will know how to start a grafana instance to see them, so i created one and made it public

Regarding workflows
I see 78 workflows where the users role have been added

You should not beable to “see” the users role on but it’s still there, and since all built in roles have a fixed id, you can still add permissions for it. I will assume the person(s) creating those workflows was importing from a local openflow installation or simply found a way to add users that i don’t know about. I will create a small script that removes the users role from the workflows, but they might come back, if they are saved in an openrpa that is offline right now.

Thanks for the replay.
So, grafana is public only on Or I can setup my own instance?
And about the workflows… now everything is fine, I can only “see” only my workflows.

Grafana, kubernetes and opentelemtry endpoints require a license.
If you have a license, then yes, then you can run it in your own instance.
( if not, then you can still try it out, using the trial license in the ee docker compose file as long as you use the domain )

Thanks again for the helpful information. I wll try to do that.

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