Access office 365 email using OAuth 2.0

Anyone has tried accessing microsoft office365 email through imap using OAuth 2.0 in nodered.

I have tried a lot, generated token also, but then email node is giving connect error, “write ECONNRESET”.

@Allan_Zimmermann if you have any work around.

usecase: I want to read the email, based on certain keywords in the body move it to a folder in inbox.

it’s explained how to set it up on the link under office 365 here

I have not tried setting it up my self, since i don’t use office 365 by i know of several users, who does use it, so should work just fine.

I have tried with that and the error screenshot is below,

token is generated successfully through Aouth2 node, and email node starts fetching for a second and gives connect error.
Anyone who has tried accessing ofice365 email successfully, please help.

Are you (the nodered) behind a firewall that could be blocking 993 or whatever port you are using.

okay, let me check that, seems a possibility.

@Allan_Zimmermann yes the issue was with port 993, it was blocked.

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