Access Denied error while use Poweshell script

Hi ,
I have used PowerShell script in my automation. It works fine but when we deploy code on server then run it from OpenFlow it’s also working. But we close the Windows server and then run the code from by logging to openflow from local system then i will get this error “Exception calling “SendWait” with “1” argument(s): “Access is denied””.

If anyone have idea how to resolve this then please help me.

is the server a windows server ?
when you say close, do you mean close an RDP connection ?

Yes allan it’s a window server. Yes i mean to say close the RDP connection.

The reason to do all these things is : - I have to type some text on webpage and can’t do this using selector. so i will try another and another solution "TypeText " is work but when we close RDP seassion and run code on unattended mode then it’s not working. For this you are saying to use “HD robots” but still “Type Text” action is not working on browser. Then i will do this but getting these please help me to resolve this

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