About newWorkflow.xaml filepath

I am working with your open RPA platform. I am interested in the following issue: When I click the export button, a .json file is generated, and one of the fields in that .json file is the filepath (in my case, that filepath has the value: “FilePath”: “C:\Users\Installer\Documents\OpenRPA\New project\NewWorkflow.xaml”,) but the NewWorkflow.xaml file is not located at that path.

I am very interested in your platform due to its ease of use. The key reason I want to locate the NewWorkflow.xaml file is to determine if I can modify it manually and, in turn, import it into openRPA. The goal is to integrate openRPA into our proprietary platform, which identifies tasks to be automated. This is why I am considering whether to use openRPA or explore other options.

OpenRPA store all data inside the .db file in “Documents\OpenRPA”
The file is made using LiteDB and can be read using LiteDB nuget package or LiteDB Studio
You can import/export workflows using the OpenRPA PowerShell module.
The filename is a legacy thing, from when files where stored on the file system.

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