About excel activity

i want to append the data to excel file.
is there any activity for this ?

yes, search for Range, Cell, csv or excel in the toolbox.

Okeh i wiil try this.

It does not work.
i want to add the data to existing excel file that already contains some data.
is there any solution for this ?

Then read the data you want first, or use add range

i want to append the data to the excel file.
for example :- i am using for each loop when loop run first tym it contains 10 rows. My loop is running 5 times so total rows is 50. but when i am write this in my excel i only get last 10 rows.
So i want all these 50 rows in excel. Sir please tell me now how is this possible.

I cannot guess what your workflow looks like.
Sounds like you need to either remember to reading the data at the start of the loop
or move reading/writing of the data outside the loop

i will explain you all about my workflow.

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