Selectors not working in edge

I have one workflow, which is to fetch product information from Amazon. this work flow is working fine in Chrome, but when I change the browser to edge it stops working. get element activity is not working inside a get element activity in edge.

For each product:
Fetch information like price ,name

Here is link to download the workflow: GetProductsFromUrl.json

Hi @yashshah

I recommend that you look at the Get Element selector.I had the same problem, but it turns out my selector had an element "browser": "chrome"

Just change it to "browser": "*", use a wildcard, or remove the property.

Thank you @kowts for the response Get element is working fine but get element inside loop of get element is not working

This is get products selector
“Selector”: “NM”,
“browser”: “edge”,
“frame”: “-1”,
“url”: “*”
“xpath”: “//div[@id="search"]//div[@data-component-type="s-search-result"]”

This is selector to get title inside get products
“xpath”: “//div/h2/a”

if you chnage the browser it is working in the chrome but not working in edge
@Allan_Zimmermann can you please help here Thank you

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