Running workflows in parallel

Is it possible to have a workflow invoke other workflows that are to run in parallel? I am working on automating a process that involves an excel sheet with 25000+ rows, it would go by much faster if I can have multiple robots working on it at the same time. How to go about this in OpenRPA?

I’m not sure that is the correct solution here.
But yes, just set “wait until completed” to False

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Thanks for the assistance, but there is another issue I am sending arguments from one workflow to another but the argument is always null on the receiving workflow. Not sure what I am doing wrong. That’s the InvokeOpenRPA activity is looking like:

This is what the receiving workflow’s argument section looks like:

you probably have a variable with the same name in the call’ed workflow.

There could be exceptions, but in general you should never be sending a datatable, datarow or dataset with invoke code. if you do, you will be trippeling the memory usage of openrpa since it will then be storing the data 3 times ( once in the original workflow, once in the new workflow and once as serializing the data when calling and once everytime one of the workflows goes idle )
Specifically datarow can suprise people, but it contains a reference to the datatable it came from so it does NOT only contain the row data ( gets worse if you also have a dataset with multiple table in )

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