Openrpa application redirectict automatically to openflow URL

hi @Allan_Zimmermann it’s an urgent since 2 days my openrpa application is not behaving properly . i have restarted the docker as well but nothing works. please look into issue

If you are using your own docker installation, i have no way to “look into” it
You need to share more information for me to be able to help you

it is redirecting me to this, using docker version 3.

@Allan_Zimmermann it’s really important , please help me out

please run ./
or if you are not using my docker files, run something similar too

docker compose -f docker-compose.yml -p demo pull 

and cofirm it do update the api node ( api pulled )

and then run ./ to use the images
or if you are not using my docker files, run something similar too

docker compose -f docker-compose.yml -p demo up -d 


@Allan_Zimmermann these commands are not working

You need to give more information, I cannot guess what your setup is.
How do you normally pull updated images ? simply do that, i was just giving an example.

may I know about if I have a docker file of version 3 now I want to set it up according to the latest docker file version, and I am using your docker files?

You can see what is required in a docker file, for version 1.5 here

Most important thing is, in 1.5 ( not implemented now, but will soon) it is required to run mongodb in a replicate set. And the openflow image must be named api ( in some older version it was called web )

@Allan_Zimmermann can you please check the issue in version 3 docker in Linux, maybe updating it will create an issue.

There are no issues as far as i know.

Hi, issue is still happening when i have set it up things again, whenever I am opening the openrpa application it is redirecting to me here.

Please look into the issue @Allan_Zimmermann

Newer versions of OpenRPA require an reasonably updated openflow.
OpenRPA used to have chrome embedded at extract a JWT token from the embedded browser after login. This 100mb ekstra space in the installer was a complete waste, so OpenRPA moved to requesting a JWT token using REST calls to openflow. There for using a very old openflow is no longer supported.
I can see the url of your openflow i the last image, can conclude this is running 1.3.105 … we are at 1.5 now and you must as minmum run 1.4-something ( cannot remember the precise version that included this )

@Allan_Zimmermann, where i will get the previous version of openrpa application.

you can look here

and if you don’t find what your looking for you can go back in time in the source code using git and compile it

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