Openflow VAT support

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,

We are using the on-premise OpenFlow version 1.4.32. We have performed VAT and collected the feedback. Are you able to help on this and apply the fixes?

Sorry, I do not understand the question?

We have conducted a vulnerability scan of OpenFlow application using Burp Suite tool. The scan has identified some issues that need to be addressed. Could you please assist us in resolving these issues?

You are welcome to send a pull request for version 1.4.36 if you have a fix.
You are also welcome to share any issues either here on the forum or, if it’s a very critical and sensitive error, via email to

I will only support and patch the latest versions (e.g., 1.4.36 or 1.5.0), but I can offer backward support for premium customers under certain conditions.

Thanks, we will share the feedback

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