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Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,

Good day!

I am currently in the process of exploring OpenRPA to gain a better understanding of its features. At the moment, I find myself encountering an issue while attempting to launch the NodeRed instance, despite my status indicating that it is running.

I kindly request your assistance in resolving this matter. Below, I have provided some details for your reference:

  1. I have successfully installed OpenRPA (docker) on my Linux machine (CLI) and have configured the DNS settings.
  2. I am able to access the OpenRPA orchestrator from my Windows system without any issues. However, when I attempt to configure NodeRed, the website does not respond.

Your guidance and support in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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It means you did not setup dns as explained under “Using custom domain names” on the docker repo
you seem to be missing the * record

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Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,

Thanks for your timely response.

I cannot add wildcard in DNS Configuration as you mentioned in the docs.

In A records I provided the IP of the linux/Ubuntu machine where I deployed the OpenRPA server and I’m accessing the OpenRPA instance in another Server/IP.

Your assistance is highly needed to resolving this matter.


it doesnt matter if you use cname or a …
bu you need to create the record, else the browser have no way of knowing where to send the trafic

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Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,

I have already created “A” record and I’m successfully accessing OpenRPA instance, But I’m not able to access NodeRed Instance for that, Unfortunately I’m unable to configuring the wildcard * for the same domain.

Please assist on this with more details.


What more details are you expecting ?
I told you, you need to follow the guide, you cannot just decide to only do some of it, and then expect it to work.
Create all the records, or it will not work.

Well, you could also manually create a record for each agent and other services.
But unless you don’t plan on starting many agents you will quickly get tiered of maintaining dns like that.

Thanks @Allan_Zimmermann .

Now I have only option to do this whitelisting specific servers. Since I got stuck in configuring DNS for adding wildcard.

Thanks for your assistance

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