NodeRED frequently crashes and does not return error responses


I am currently experiencing an event where NodeRED is crashing frequently.
I am running every time (by clicking ▷ button), but it crashes immediately.


Also, even in the Running state, NodeRED’s http response does not respond when the robot execution fails.

I expect there are many errors around NodeRED, can you check?

Just to be sure, you are the one with the nodered with name sa***** correct ?
I see the nodered is running, but I also see it was just started by you. I cannot see logs if the nodered was removed/restarted, but if you could tell me how to “trigger” a crash, i would be happy to have a look

The best would be if you could create an inject node I can click, that makes it happen

When i logged in a few minutes ago, it was waiting on openrpa, and now i have 2 failed messages from openrpa. If the http response is suppose to send this error you need to swap assign the erro from msg.error to the msg.payload. If you don’t want to send the error, but just return an error code, you need to change the status code in the UI to something not 200 ( typically 500 for server errors )

I just saw it was down now !!! … I’m looking into it

When an agent ( in this case nodered ) gets started I “tag” it with a label as billed, if it has a plan attached. For some reason, you instance suddenly had no “billed” tag. So openflow was removing it doing the cleanup rutine.
I just re-created it and it has the billed tag, so maybe something is different when you do it ? I would love to do a debug session with you, if you have time, and see how you start it, to see if there is a bug somewhere that would make the instance loose/not get the billed tag.

For now, i added an ekstra check in the cleanup to also check the database, “just in case”


Sorry, “ktkt” account is not the account this problem happened.
This account “sakai_mih” is the correct one.

sa***** is correct.

I just started the robot within NodeRED, but it still shuts down after some time.
Is there anything I can do?

No, the error is on my part.
Before my last message i didn’t have time to compile and publish the code update, before my next meeting, so it still turned off the node-red again.
But i have no published the updated code, hopefully it will have fixed the issue.
I will monitor this closely the next few hours to make sure the issue has been fixed.

It looks like my added check has fixed the issue, it has been running now for more than 4 hours.

Sorry for late response.
I’ll check it out today!

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