Missing image in get element by image

I am recently started testing openRPA, I have noticed that sometimes the workflow stop working because the image is missing.

Could you please help me with this, Why are the images disappearing? How can I solve that?


What mages are missing ? where are they missing from, what error are you getting ? what did you do to make them disappear ?

Hi Allan

I’m implementing click on image, for this:
(1) I use OpenRPA.Image.GetELement activity,
(2) select the image and the process Limit,

It works well, but at some point the image in the activity does not show and the workflow doesn’t work, if I select the image again, it start working again

There is a “bug” wirh process limit. The cords are for the desktop and not process. So try removing that and stick to processname or leave that blank too.

Ok, I try without defining the Process Limit. Thanks!

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